Our story

Walk down a high street and you're likely to encounter any number of green fiend stores- it's official the global appetite for living greener is at an all time high! Perhaps trailing rupunzel-like greens over every sill has becomes ones antidote to an engulfing concrete metropolis or perhaps it's an ode to a simpler time of garden to fork dinner tables and tech-less conversations.

We know the basics of plant companionship; the revealing beneficial health studies,  the uplifting science of the colour green, the contentment of routine and nurture. It's long been credited! Even for the commitaphobe of us, one can find solace in the hardiness of species and still feel the earthy connection to those strange, living, detoxifying, creativity- inducing things.

Self proclaimed plant lover and founder, Jess Suter departed from the world of commercial landscaping and with a former background in textiles recognized the need for potted landscapes. Beautiful potted landscapes! The currency of convenience was a fundamental consideration, where all forms of plants and holders alike could be collated under one roof for an effortless click click interior or exterior transformation. Or to take a step further, a click away from team of plant enthusiasts overseeing that
  When she's not being inspired by far flung places,
   or singing in her greenhouse you can find her on the
   slopes of Table Mountain exploring new trails